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Personalized Guidance Tailored to Your Unique Brain

Unlock Your ADHD Potential

Turning ADHD Challenges into Personal Power Through a Journey of Transformation

3 Key Principles for Personal Transformation with ADHD
  1.  Recognition of Equal Competence and Intelligence

  2.  Empowerment Through Understanding

  3.  Strength-Focused Coaching for Fulfillment


Our Mission

At Spark Launch, we aim to empower and guide individuals with ADHD, helping them leverage their strengths and overcome challenges. Our approach combines personalized strategies, understanding, and a belief in each person’s potential. Together, we’ll focus on self-awareness, practical coping skills, and achieving goals in a supportive environment.

Facing Challenges in School Due to ADHD?

Do you, as a parent or caregiver, observe ADHD-related challenges in school, particularly with studying or accessing educational materials?

ADHD Coaching

Spark Launch ADHD coach collaborates closely with individuals and guides them toward self-discovery and personal advancement. At the heart of our philosophy is the belief that every individual holds a reservoir of untapped potential. By illuminating the path to self-discovery, we empower our clients to recognize their inner strengths and embrace their challenges as opportunities for growth. Our approach transforms these obstacles into steppingstones, paving the way for a journey filled with personal achievements and breakthroughs.

1.    Recognition of Equal Competence and Intelligence: 

We affirm that Individuals with ADHD are not impaired, flawed, or less competent or intelligent compared to those without ADHD.

2.    Empowerment through Understanding:

Understanding the unique impacts of ADHD empowers individuals. This knowledge is a tool for advocating personal needs and leveraging strengths.

3.    Strength-Focused Coaching for Fulfillment: 

Our coaching approach is constructive and centered on individual strengths. This method fosters passion, purpose, self-compassion, and leads to meaningful achievements in our clients’ lives.

Your Benefits with Spark Launch

Two Steps To "Unlock & Master Your Potential"

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What areas do you currently coach?
    Stress Management, Organization, Executive Function, Task Planning & Execution, Goal Setting, Self Regulation & Impulse Control, Healthy Habits, Communication Skills, Social Skills, Parenting, Career, Relationship & Connection, Mentoring
  • Do you provide online coaching?
    Yes, all of our sessions will be through Zoom.
  • Do you currently offer different packages?
    Yes, we can discuss a coaching plan that works for you.
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